How do customers earn points?
Registered Club Eden members earn 1 point per dollar spent at any Garden of Eden retail outlet.  Customer’s can recalculate their points for each transaction by first analyzing the receipt “Subtotal.”  The points earned for a transactions equal the receipt Subtotal rounded UP to the next whole number. If, for example, the receipt Subtotal is $42.12 then the points awarded would be 43 points.

Who is eligible to join Club Eden Rewards?
Customers must be at least 21 years old to participate in the Club Eden Rewards program.

How do customers enroll in Club Eden Rewards?
Customers can enroll by:  
1) Creating an online eCommerce profile @; OR,
2) Creating a profile at a Garden of Eden retail shop with the help of GOE staff.

3) Aiming YOUR mobile phone camera viewfinder at the QR Code on this page.  This will create a text that, when sent, will guide the customer through enrollment and will send the customer a link to their Club Eden rewards wallet.

ClubEden Text to Join QR code.png

How do customers redeem Club Eden Rewards Points?
Customers redeem their points for prizes during a shopping visit to a Garden of Eden retail location with the assistance of a cashier.  Customers can view their available rewards in their Club Eden rewards wallet.   When a customer is with a GOE cashier, they simply show their reward redemption on their phone to their Cashier at the beginning of their transaction.

Why are customers required to pay something when redeeming an award?
The State of California prohibits licensed cannabis retailers from giving away cannabis.  Simply put, the State wants all of the cannabis taxes that it can collect. For the aforementioned reasons, Garden of Eden is required to charge customers excise taxes on reward redemption products.  Garden of Eden charges customers $.01 plus taxes for each reward redemption.

My points do not seem correct?  I used to have a lot of points and now I do not see them?  There were no points in my wallet when I received it.
It is possible that you rewards account mobile phone number is not also entered into the historical point of sale account.  In order to research your situation please fill out the form below.

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