Over 15 years ago, Garden of Eden opened its doors for the first time to the residents of Alameda County.


What started out as a refuge for community members seeking responsibly sourced medical cannabis in the quasi-legal market of its time, has strengthened its roots and weathered the storms, to become one of the Bay Area’s oldest retail dispensaries. Now fully licensed and open for recreational sales, Garden of Eden offers a curated selection of a variety of cannabis products, choosing quality over quantity for our customers since 2003. That same quality first approach has won Garden of Eden the award for Best Flower Selection in the East Bay Area, further solidifying our commitment to become a pillar in the community for clean, high quality cannabis products.



General Information

Age: You must be 21 years of age.

Daily Purchase Limits: set by the state of California are as follow: 28.5g of Flower, 8000mg of concentrated cannabis.

Payment Forms: We accept cash and debit cards (with pin). Debit cards must have a chip. Our system does not accept cards without a chip.

Parking: Street parking prohibited on Foothill Blvd. 7-9am & 4-6pm. Please respect our neighbors by not blocking driveways or parking in their business lots.


Discount Programs

Seniors: Valid ID with birth date validating the age above 65.

Veterans: Discharge form DD-214, a VA card, or any other form of identification issued by any branch of military.

Covered under disability/SSI: Election letter given at the beginning of the month or year stating that individual is receiving these services.